"Yoga offers us techniques to become aware, to expand and penetrate, and to change and evolve in order to become competent in the lives we live." - B.K.S.Iyengar

Our Yoga Classes

*Sanskrit names of poses translated into English below. Unless indicated, class time is 90 minutes.

Introduction to Yoga

The perfect choice for students new to yoga, the Iyengar method, or those who want a strong foundation for their practice. This class is based on the Iyengar’s preliminary course and focuses on classical poses that will provide the basis for the practice of yoga.

Students develop flexibility, strength, and body awareness, learn proper alignment, and are taught the use of props.

The class is taught as a 7/8 week series, beginning with basic standing and seated asanas. Be the end of the series most students are capable of practicing ardha halasana and salamba sarvangasana. Each week the sequence with the poses and pictures is provided to encourage practice between classes. By the end of the series most students are able to progress to Level 1, although many repeat the series.

It is strongly recommended that students commit to the entire 7/8 week session in order to gain maximum benefit.

Level 1

For students who have a foundation of Iyengar Yoga or have completed the Introduction series. Each week focuses on a different group of asanas: standing, forward extensions, twists and backbends, and restoratives. Level 1 students build strength and flexibility; students learn sarvangasana variations; and the preparation for sirsasana is introduced. Supine pranayama is introduced.

Level 2

For students with a regular practice of standing and seated asanas and sarvangasana in the middle of the room.  Sirsasana at the wall and deeper back extensions are included in regular classes. Seated pranayama is introduced.

Level 3-4 (Advanced)

For experienced students with a regular practice that includes inversions. The practice includes Sirsasana and variations, arm balancing poses, deep forward extensions, and coming up into urdhva dhanurasana from the floor. Seated pranayama is taught. Instructor's permission required to attend.

Mixed Levels

All students with a foundation in Iyengar Yoga can attend.  The instructor directs the level of the class to the students present at each session.

Gentle Yoga

Designed for Iyengar Yoga students who have chronic conditions or other issues requiring special attention. While the class includes Level 1 and 2 asanas, the pace is slower, and more individual attention to the use of props and therapeutic variations is provided. 60 minutes.

Care Classes: For bodies needing special attention

Four week, 1 hour series that focus on specific areas of the body: Neck and Shoulders; Lower Back and Hips; and Knees. Class size is limited to 6 people, with two trained instructors available for personal attention. Each area receives a 4 week, once a week class is designed to provide you with some relief from pain, and teach you poses and actions to improve mobility and stability. Class fee: $80 for the series. No refunds for missed classes, but you can make up the class when the series begins again. Check online schedule for details.

Iyengar Intensity

A physically challenging, encouraging, and well paced progressive format. A variety of asanas are included, and the sequence changes every week. You can leave with a good list of poses to practice to keep you in a sattvic state for the whole weekend! All levels welcome.

*Sanskrit translation into English.

Asana – pose.
Ardha halasana half plow pose.
Salamba sarvangasana – supported shoulderstand.
Sirsasana – head balance pose.
Urdhva dhanurasana – upward bow pose.
Pranayama – practice of breath control for movement of energy.

Class Schedule & Fees - STARTS NOVEMBER 1st

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Current Session Schedule: Current Session Schedule .PDF

312 North Osprey Ave., Sarasota FL 34236
Please go to class registration link for details on pricing and packages.

Day/Time Level Benchmark
Instructor Permission
10-11:30a Advanced (Level 2-4)
  • Sirsasana in the middle of the room
  • Lift up into Urdhva Dhanurasana from the floor
5:30-7:00p Advanced (Level 2-4)
  • Sirsasana in the middle of the room
  • Lift up into Urdhva Dhanurasana from the floor
8:30-10:00a Level 1-2
  • Learning Sirsasana at the wall
  • Steady in Sarvangasana
11:00-12:30p Intro to Yoga
  • For students who are new to Yoga and/or want a "refresher" in basic asana practice
5:45-6:45p Care Classes Yes
5:45-7:15p Mixed (Level 1-4) All levels welcome No
8:30-10:00a Level 1-2
  • Learning Sirsasana at the wall
  • Steady in Sarvangasana
3:30-4:30p Gentle Yoga For students with chronic conditions or issues requiring special attention Yes
5:30-7:00p Mixed Levels
  • All levels
12-1pm Iyengar Intensity A meditative approach to asana practice. All asanas are accessible, supported, held for longer times. An inward-moving practice to cultivate an illuminated state of mind. No
3:30 to 5p Yoga Philosophy Study Group Every 4th Friday No
9:30-11:00a Introduction to Yoga For students who are new to Yoga and/or want a "refresher" in basic asana practice No

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Private Classes

Sue in Salamba Sirsasana

Contact Info
Phone: 941-928-7019
Email Susan here

Susan offers private yoga sessions by appointment.  She is happy to assist students with their personal practice by addressing specific needs or by giving private instruction on a general sequence designed by her.

$95 for a 1 hour session
$85 for a 1 hour session if you are a session student

Special Classes With Susan

Susan will customize a yoga class for a group.  This can be as a gift to loved ones or a team building activity for a group.

These sessions are priced individually based on the number of participants and the duration of the class.

Please call or email Susan to discuss scheduling a session.

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