About Owner, Sue Marcus, and our Downtown Yoga Studio

Susan Marcus, PhD, CIYT, C-IAYT Owner of Iyengar Yoga Sarasota

Sue’s readings and class intros inform the spiritual and grounding aspect of our practice. It’s helped me understand the mind-body connection in deeper ways as well as providing a basis for stress relief and understanding of stress triggers, both emotional and physical, in day to day activities. 
– Amanda

I love the new space! The location is ideal and having new props and surfaces makes for a great experience. The instructors are knowledgeable and push ‘just enough’ to challenge us appropriately.


Meet Sue Marcus, owner and CIYT

How I came to Iyengar Yoga. After sampling a variety of yogas, my first Iyengar class (29 years ago!) was the “aha” moment of my spiritual journey. The teacher, Suzie Muchnick (who remains my teacher to this day) – with a sharp eye and clear presence – opened the door to the experience of asana as physical, energetic, and inward looking. Iyengar yoga has taught me how to observe myself and the world — with curiosity, compassion, and commitment – as part of the unfolding journey of life. I am fortunate to have experienced the range of the human experience – great joys, great losses. This yoga provides me the means to find a sattvic nature through life’s ups and downs.

Why I became an Iyengar Yoga Teacher. People who know me would agree that I am a bit of an academic nerd. I’m attracted to fields of study that have depth and breadth. I like to study and learn. Becoming a certified teacher requires LOTS of study and continuing education – so that was a perfect fit. All of my Iyengar teachers are authentic in their knowledge, well-studied, and demonstrate compassion and rigor in their teaching, and they continue to serve as my role models. The Iyengar yoga method has been studied scientifically, and I appreciate the importance of documenting the causes and effects of changes in the physical body, nervous system, and consciousness. As an academic, I respect the pedagogy of the teaching method – how to teach, what teach, and how to build intelligent “structures” that scaffold experiential knowledge so that every student can learn and grow, regardless of their physical condition. There is no greater joy than creating a space where students can find their own “aha” moments. My students’ progress is the fuel that fires my desire to learn more and become a better teacher.

My expertise. I received my Introductory Certification in 2009, and am currently at the Intermediate Junior 2 level, studying for Intermediate Junior 3. How this translates is that I am trained to teach beginners and experienced students in a broad repertory of asanas, pranayama, and philosophy. I’m certified to work with persons that have specific conditions (see the Care Classes) and pregnant women. I am certified to mentor students to become Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers. I also have a PhD in Experimental Psychology, and the IAYT certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

About the Yoga Studio

Iyengar Yoga Sarasota found its first home at Rosemary Court Yoga Center in 2005. The Schiental family supported our fledging community, providing places for our props, our classes, and our students. Over the years we grew as a community and added certified teachers to increase the number of classes. In 2017 the perfect spot opened up on 312 Osprey Ave. Our new home now has the full range of Iyengar yoga props, classes, accessible parking, and online registration system to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Iyengar Yoga of Sarasota Entrance